Campaigners say 100% Celtic Tiger redress shows ‘discrimination’ against mica homeowners

Mica Action Group says €2.5 billion scheme for up to 100,000 apartments is more comprehensive than scheme for those in Donegal, Mayo and elsewhere

Homeowners in Donegal and Mayo have raised concerns over parts of the government scheme to help them rebuild their houses. Picture: Getty

The €2.5 billion remediation scheme for defective apartments highlights the “discriminatory treatment” of those impacted by damaged blockwork in concrete houses around the country, according to a campaign group.

Donegal’s Mica Action Group has written to local councillors over the new redress scheme approved by cabinet last week, which will provide remediation costs to the owners of up to 100,000 Celtic Tiger-era apartments.

Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien said last week that the defective apartment ...