Calls for mortgage provisions to be treated as separate to other forms of lending

Ipav chief executive points to ‘lopsided equation’ whereby lenders’ interests ‘supersede’ those of consumers

Pat Davitt, Ipav chief executive: “Home ownership is of such a critical nature to our society that we believe, there is a strong rationale for treating mortgage provision, separate to other forms of lending”. Picture: Fergal Phillips

There is a “strong rationale” for treating the provision of mortgages as separate to other forms of lending, according to the head of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (Ipav) - an industry body representing auctioneers and real estate agents.

Pat Davitt, Ipav chief executive, has said the government must give urgent consideration to products outside of those offered by pillar banks in order to make low interest mortgages widely available, as he called ...