Analysis: What Meta’s move to charge for Instagram and Facebook means for advertisers

The social media giant might protect some EU revenue, but it could cost in terms of advertising income

The move to a premium model won’t be taken lightly by Mark Zuckerberg, the Meta chief executive. Picture: Bloomberg

This isn’t the end of free social media, despite what fears may have been conjured once Meta announced that it was considering introducing a paid premium version of its services.

That the announcement came on the heels of Twitter – or X, as Elon Musk has rebranded it – considering charging all users made the fears understandable, but the rationales behind both decisions are different.

If anything, Twitter’s reason for considering a paid model might make Mark Zuckerberg more cautious about embracing one. Twitter is considering the move because it has lost a great deal of ad revenue and Musk is uncertain it will ever be recovered.