Analysis: RTÉ stuck in crisis, but government in disarray over licence fee reform

Despite the months, and indeed years, of discussions there are divisions at cabinet and several ministers have not formed a view at all

Catherine Martin, the media minister whose responsibility it will be to bring viable options to the Cabinet table in the coming months to reform the TV licence system, strongly favours the exchequer funded model

In a week where RTÉ endured yet more criticism, this time over the €450,000 exit package for its former chief financial officer, the question how to replace the TV licence rolls on.

A fault line has developed between the coalition parties, and there is growing concern that reform of the outdated €160 annual charge won’t happen in the lifetime of the current government.

That should cause concern in Montrose which saw a €19 million drop in payments for the fee last year as 13 per cent less were bought as the broadcaster was gripped by scandal.