A tribute to Onside founder John Trainor: a true sports and media influencer

Vodafone Ireland sponsorship chief Gerry Nixon remembers the industry influencer who died on Monday at the age of 52

The late John Trainor, founder, Onside. ‘He never raised his voice, he didn’t need to be controversial. And yet, undoubtedly he was an influencer, helping the sponsorship business in Ireland to become the envy of Europe.’ Picture by Fergal Phillips

The sports business and sponsorship industry lost one of its leading lights this week with the death of John Trainor, the founder and chief executive of Onside.

The word ‘influencer’ has become a term used daily across the world of marketing and beyond. It can often conjure an image of someone who is brash and loud, witty or controversial, opinionated and attention seeking. This week, however, the industry mourns the loss of our own influencer.