‘We’re essentially doubling in size every three years’ - The Big Interview: Michael O’Hara

The Longford native’s company Data Solutions has operated in the tech sector since the dawn of the internet 30 years ago, surviving the dotcom bubble and the global financial crash – and it’s still forging ahead

Michael O’Hara, group managing director of Data Solutions: ‘We’re 30 years in business this year, so you might say we’re dinosaurs in terms of the IT industry.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Michael O’Hara has been operating in the technology sector for a long time. He was been there for the birth of the internet, he’s witnessed the growth and subsequent crash of the dotcom bubble at the turn of the century, he made it through the global financial crash a decade ago, and he’s still going strong as the digitisation of the global economy continues to gather pace.

And this year marks a landmark birthday for ...