Five Degrees of Change

‘Here was a bunch of people who had a huge incentive to get offsetting right. What they came up with was a mess’ – Andrew Murphy

Our latest guest on the Business Post’s Five Degrees of Change energy and environment podcast, Andrew Murphy of the Environmental Coalition on Standards, suggests five policy and personal changes for a greener world, such as including aviation and shipping in national climate targets and revising our idea of what ‘toasty’ feels like

Andrew Murphy, head of buildings and industry at the Environmental Coalition on Standards in Brussels: ‘A lot of our climate policy is based on rules coming out of Brussels.’ Picture: Omar Havana

When Andrew Murphy moved to Brussels in 2010 to take up an internship in the European Commission, he was working specifically on the issue of haulage and how to implement toll charges for trucks.

“It is a sign of how far we have come in that period, because when I started working on trucks 12 years ago, there was no discussion of introducing CO2 pricing for trucks or including the climate impact of trucks in their pricing. Now 12 years later, that climate pricing is better incorporated into tolls, and we are having wider discussions around regulating the CO2 impact of trucks,” he told Five Degrees of Change, the Business Post’s energy and environment podcast.