Turbulent time for trade: what the upheaval in Britain means for Irish business

With a volatile pound and no sign of an end to the political turmoil, we examine the implications for our exports, imports and general commerce

A newspaper in London announces the resignation of British prime minister Liz Truss last week, who lasted just 45 days in office. Picture: Getty

When Liz Truss walked back into 10 Downing St after delivering her resignation speech at lunchtime on Thursday, the internet wasted little time making light of her record short term as British prime minister.

Even large corporates got in on the act, with consumer-facing companies such as Ryanair, Aldi and Lidl all poking fun at her short-lived premiership.

In the brusque style so much associated with the airline’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s twitter account ...