Tracker scandal: have the lenders paid a high enough price for the damage done?

As the Central Bank probe comes to a close, the question remains, will any of the individuals involved in the fiasco which affected 40,000 customers be held accountable?

Bank of Ireland: after more than 13 years of public outcry, Bank of Ireland was last week fined €100.5 million for its role in the tracker mortgage scandal

Padraic Kissane remembered vividly the day the tracker mortgage scandal first came across his desk.

“May 5, 2009,” Kissane, the financial adviser at the fore of the fightback against the banks, said without skipping a beat.

“A client rang me and said, ‘Padraic, they’re not putting me back on my tracker. I’ve just gotten a letter here.’ They put the first two customers back on the tracker when I challenged it, but then said ‘No’ ...