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This week: Coalition tax cuts and Big Tech hits out at data centre caps

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It may seem incongruous to be thinking of the budget in April, but our lead story has the detail of what both new Taoiseach Simon Harris and Tánaiste Micheál Martin along with their parties are planning to do to help workers, families and businesses in the months ahead. Cónal Thomas and Sarah Collins have the details.

Indeed in a Business Post exclusive, Simon Harris has written his diary of his historic week, revealing what went on behind the scenes as he became Ireland’s 16th taoiseach.

We also speak to new Enterprise Minister Peter Burke as to his agenda and what he will be able to achieve before the end of this government.

Business journalist of the year Donal MacNamee and political journalist of the year Daniel Murray reveal a strong warning from the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft who are saying Ireland is likely to lose significant levels of investment due to a failure to address the country’s creaking energy system.

Our UK correspondent Dominic McGrath has had a busy week but reveals how the Bank of England bosses derided guests and comments made at the Kilkenomics festival, which is spearheaded by David McWilliams.

Dominic also has a terrific piece on the fall out from Ben Bernanke’s review of the BOE.

Charlie Taylor and Catherine Sanz explore the impact of loudmouth boss Paddy Cosgrave’s return to Web Summit, having stepped away in controversial circumstances before Christmas.

Former Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan gives a compelling argument as to why Ireland’s defence deficiencies now amount to an emergency in a “pre-war” Europe.

Claire Brock, presenter of the Tonight Show on Virgin Media TV is our guest diarist this week, giving a fascinating insight as to her week.

There is something for everyone in this weekend’s Business Post.

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