The Big Interview

‘This is a zero-waste facility. Every part of the insect is valuable’ – Alvan Hunt, Hexafly

Alvan Hunt of Hexafly creates sustainable animal feed and fertiliser using flies that feed off food waste – and is closing a €40 million funding round to take his ideas even further

Alvan Hunt, co-founder of Hexafly: ‘Nature’s recycler.’ Picture: Barry Cronin

In brief:

Name and role: Alvan Hunt, chief executive and co-founder of Hexafly

Age: 31

Lives: Ashtown, Co Dublin

Family: have a partner, not married and no kids

My working day: nothing typical about it, try to keep to 9am to 6pm

My perfect weekend: good weather, an outdoor activity, and some relaxation

Early bird or night owl: night owl

Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram: Twitter

In depth:

Alvan Hunt is essentially a fly farmer who ...