Private Equity

‘There’s still a lot of strategic capital and private equity money looking to be invested’

Melior Equity Partners co-founders Peter Garvey and Jonny Cosgrave, two of the most experienced deal makers in Ireland, look at deal volume and business valuation trends over the past two years and give their forecast for the rest of 2023

Jonathan Cosgrave and Peter Garvey of Melior Equity Partners: ‘We got a tap on the shoulder from a number of players to see if we wanted to sell BHP. We got some very good offers and we decided to go ahead and sell.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

In December last year, Peter Garvey and Jonny Cosgrave said yes to an offer they couldn’t turn down. The co-founders of Melior Equity Partners, the Dublin-based private equity firm, had received a number of offers to buy BHP Insurance, a corporate insurance brokerage business they had bought themselves just over a year before, in August 2021.

It wasn’t part of the original plan to sell the insurance company so soon after acquiring it, but the ...