The profile: Bernard Byrne, interim chief executive, Davy

He moved in 2019 from being chief executive of AIB to a quieter life at Davy. Now, as interim chief executive of the scandal-hit stockbroker, he has the mammoth task of rebuilding Davy’s reputation and seeing its sale completed

In brief:

Name: Bernard Byrne

Age: 52

Appearance: Robustly built, bespectacled chief executive

Newsworthiness: He’s attempting to steer Davy out of its greatest ever crisis

In depth:

It’s July 2020, eight months before Ireland’s storied stockbroker Davy is hit with a €4.1 million fine which threatens its future, and its soon-to-be interim chief executive is setting out his approach to guiding a business through crisis.

Bernard Byrne, the 52-year-old former AIB chief executive, peers down ...