The mica crisis: ‘We’re going to end up with a Miami incident in Ireland’

Use of the defective construction material mica has wreaked havoc in homes in the north-west of the country, with some 7,000 houses potentially awaiting full demolition as a result. Affected homeowners want answers and action from the government, and they want it fast

Paddy Diver, a campaigner from Co Donegal, holding mica outside Leinster House during a protest last month. Picture: Niall Carson

Last Wednesday, at the first gathering of the mica working group, an early marker was set down that indicated the urgency behind the protests by the affected homeowners.

At the online meeting, John O’Connor, the chief executive officer of the Housing Agency, was called upon to deliver his presentation, but some technical difficulties meant his slides weren’t appearing. According to some of those present, the hold-up was only a few minutes; but after a while, ...