The Big Interview: ‘We say no to people. If someone wants something from us that we can’t give, we won’t work with them’ – Andrew Lynch, co-founder, Huckletree

The co-founder and chief operating officer of co-working outfit Huckletree is focused on propelling his company to the forefront of the start-up world, as he looks ahead to opening a second office in Dublin city centre

Andrew Lynch, co-founder of Huckletree: ‘I like to think I’m a bit of a chameleon. I can adapt.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Adversity, adaptability, and endurance. Andrew Lynch has faced the former plenty of times, inside and outside of his role as co-founder of Huckletree, and has relied on the latter two to get him through in better shape on the other side.

Huckletree was started by Lynch and Gabriela Hersham in London in 2014. The co-working business now has seven sites across Dublin, London and Manchester, and has growth plans that are keeping Lynch busy.

“We have 35 buildings at various stages of the expansion pipeline. The hope and the plan is to identify some cool Dublin spaces over the next couple of weeks,” the 34-year-old told the Business Post.