The Big Interview: ‘We need to keep upgrading to keep up and we can do that by pooling resources to create a hub of Irish content to stream’ – Paul Farrell, managing director, Virgin Media Television

The loss of most of its Champions League coverage was a blow to Virgin Media Television, but managing director Paul Farrell believes that the company has the best staff and the right commercial mix to help it compete with the streaming giants

Paul Farrell, managing director of Virgin Media Television, believes the station scores over sports streaming services with its punditry and production. Picture: Fergal Phillips

When Paul Farrell was appointed managing director of Virgin Media Television, he set about organising more than 200 meetings. He wanted to meet one-to-one with every person in the company, but considering the timing, it was a difficult task.

He took on his new role in May 2020. At the time, Ireland was attempting a phased reopening of the country, but in-person one-on-ones were still not appropriate. So instead, he racked up many hours on ...