The Big Interview: ‘The sector has learned lessons from the past. We're in a very different position as an industry to the financial crash of 2008’ – Cecilia Ronan, chief executive of Citibank Europe

Cecilia Ronan sees a thriving future where data analytics and emerging tech will be just as important as accountancy

Cecilia Ronan, chief executive, Citibank Europe & Citi country officer, Ireland: ‘We’ve been very focused on risk management, prudent financial results, in particular, sustainable business models, and also, the needs of our clients.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Cecilia Ronan is taking issue with the country’s visa scheme for international workers. While many sectors are working to get staff back into the office, she says financial services firms are battling to get people back into Ireland and she believes a concerted effort is needed to address this.

The chief executive of Citibank Europe is also chair of Financial Services Ireland (FSI), which is why she wants to talk about attracting talent. “During Covid, ...