The Big Interview: ‘Some people may deny it, but in entrepreneurship luck features in everyone’s journey’ – Dan Kiely, investor and founder of Voxpro

After selling Voxpro, the company he founded with his wife Linda, the entrepreneur is now backing start-ups and is developing a philanthropic foundation

Dan Kiely, co-founder and former chief executive of Voxpro: Telus International, the Canadian call centre giant, acquired the company in a $150 million deal. Pic: Fergal Phillips

If there’s one thing Dan Kiely can’t be accused of, it is being boring. No sooner has the Corkman taken a seat in the Westin Hotel in Dublin than is he busy chatting merrily about an awards ceremony he and his wife Linda attended the previous evening.

Kiely lets out a guilty laugh as he reveals how a certain well-known personality who was hosting the event gave them daggers for most of the evening due ...