Survivor’s guilt: As Big Tech downsizes, workers left behind try to pick up the pieces

Much of the focus during recent swingeing tech cuts has been on workers who have been laid off – but things aren’t straightforward for those remaining in their roles, with some companies even running ‘grief sessions’ to try and help

The mass redundancies in the tech sector have undoubtedly caused enormous brand damage to companies, even previously highly desirable employers like Google

During Laura Nolan’s first week at Google, she was given a badge, T-shirt and hat emblazoned with the legend ‘Noogler’ (ie new employee).

The software engineer remembers the tour she got of the company’s facilities, the training courses she went on, and the purposefulness of the tech giant’s depiction of itself as a great place to work.

“Suddenly you’re all Google branded up, and you’re brought around your team and everyone is nice to you, and it’s all lovely,” Nolan told the Business Post. “And there’s Google logos coming at you from everywhere. They go out of their way to show you the might of Google.”