Profile: Can John Foley, founder of Peloton, keep the wheels spinning?

The chief executive of the pandemic exercise sensation has had more than his share of and flat tyres since his concept launched, the latest involving the death of the a beloved Sex and the City character following a Peloton workout

John Foley, founder and chief executive of Peloton. Illustration: Peter Hanan

In brief:

Name and role: John Foley, founder and chief executive of Peloton

Age: 50

Appearance: Slim, wearing a business shirt, Peloton-branded gilet and fresh runners

Newsworthiness: The fitness company’s shares hit the skids when TV character Mr Big died of a heart attack after a session on an exercise bike, but rebounded when a clever ad campaign resurrected him

In depth:

When Mr Big hopped off his exercise bike having completed his 1,000th ride ...