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On the ground in Ukraine: ‘These guys walked around expecting people to thank them as liberators’

Almost three months into the Russian invasion, the people of Kharkiv are remaining stoic as they endure a seemingly endless barrage of artillery fire and bullets

The Heroiv Pratsi metro station in Kharkiv, which is serving as a shelter for people bombed out of their homes. Picture: Phil Wilson

The sound of artillery fire repeatedly echoed across Zolochiv on Tuesday, a sharp crack-crack ringing out in the small town in the Kharkiv region. Shakhov Serhii, a local taxi driver, stiffened his face, but after a moment grinned and announced: “That's us firing at the Russians.”

Zolochiv, sits in the region of Kharkiv in north-east Ukraine, around 10 kilometres from the frontline of the fighting as Ukrainian forces are inching the Kremlin's army back to ...