Office politics: How Irish firms are adjusting to the hybrid working conundrum

Different sectors are embracing the new work culture to various degrees, with financial services firms like Grant Thornton encouraging more days at the office to ensure training of recruits, while for telecoms firms flexibility is standard

Different strokes for different sectors: large professional services firms are asking their junior staff to come into the office four days a week. Picture: Getty/iStockphoto

Like most company chief executives, Mick McAteer has put a lot of time and thought over the past two years into figuring out what the future of working will be for the employees at his firm. The managing partner of Grant Thornton Ireland even sees the funny side of the conundrum.

“Forcing everybody to conform to a single policy won’t work or else people will simply walk away. You have to be flexible. I sometimes joke we have 2,120 staff in Grant Thornton Ireland and we need 2,120 solutions,” he told the Business Post.