Now gone from Digicel, Denis O’Brien’s future has never been less clear

After 23 years, O’Brien’s ownership of the Caribbean-based telecoms company is at an end. Will he ruminate on how he lost control of a truly great company or blame external forces?

Denis O’Brien in Downtown, Port au Prince in 2010. His personal commitment to rebuilding Haiti is something we’ve not properly recognised. Picture: Getty

Denis O’Brien’s ownership and chairmanship of Digicel came to an end last week. It is 23 years since he founded the pioneering Caribbean-based mobile phone company and 11 months after agreeing to a deal with its bondholders that saves it from being crushed under the weight of its debt.

The restructuring was formally completed last week with the company thanking the departing O’Brien, who will remain a minority shareholder and a director, while Maarten Boute, ...