No ready-made options: Solutions to refugee housing crisis fraught with difficulty

Pre-fabs, portacabins, tent camps, empty buildings and holiday homes have all been mooted as options for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Ireland, but the extent of the challenge has the country’s builders – and some landlords – concerned about issues including reputational damage, and legislation governing tenancies

Rows of tents erected in Gormanstown army camp in Co Meath to temporarily house Ukrainian refugees. Picture: Collins

On Monday afternoon at the Hilton Hotel on Charlemont Place in Dublin, the most influential people in Ireland’s property sector had a clear message for Darragh O’Brien, the Minister for Housing.

There has been talk of using pre-fabs, portacabins and even tent camps to house the Ukrainian refugees arriving into this country, but the view of industry is that empty buildings are the best solution.

Darragh O’Brien, the Minister for Housing: the property sector views ...