Making it Work

NanobOx set to join Enterprise Ireland high-potential start-up unit

The UCD spin-off, which uses energy-efficient technology to oxygenate water using nanobubbles, is focused on the aquaculture and agriculture sectors

Dr Mohammad Ghaani and Dr John Favier, founders of NanobOx: ‘Our unique selling point is that it’s a low-energy cost.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

NanobOx is a Dublin-based business that creates equipment to add oxygen to water. The company, which was started earlier this year by Dr John Favier and Dr Mohammad Ghaani, is focused on the aquaculture and agriculture sectors.

“It involves the generation of bubbles in water. If you have a fish tank at home, you know that you need to aerate the water to change the oxygen the fish consume. You wouldn’t notice the expense at that level, but in commercial aquaculture that represents about 20 per cent of operating costs,” Favier told the Business Post.