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Myles O’Grady interview: the four biggest challenges facing Bank of Ireland

In an exclusive interview with our business editor Lorcan Allen, Bank of Ireland chief executive Myles O’Grady sets out his ambitions for the bank

Myles O’Grady on keeping investors happy, commercial property threats, the next Davy chief executive and helping to solve the housing crisis. Picture: Fergal Phillips

It’s been a strange week for Myles O’Grady, the chief executive of Bank of Ireland.

On Monday, the bank reported a record-breaking pre-tax profit of €1.9 billion for its 2023 financial year thanks to the surge in interest rates.

Mortgage customers and taxpayers are never going to be happy seeing an Irish bank rake in billions in profits, but O’Grady would have expected his investors to show some appreciation. More so, after the bank confirmed ...