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Marion McKeone: Prepare for a year of existential angst in American politics

The November 2024 battle for the White House between the uninspiring Joe Biden and the scandal-plagued Donald Trump is weighing heavily on the minds of American voters

Joe Biden is suffocating under the weight of the highest disapproval ratings while Donald Trump, who is facing 91 criminal charges in four separate trials, is leading in the polls. Picture: Getty

As it enters the 2024 election cycle the US is on tenterhooks, plagued by unprecedented levels of trepidation and existential angst.

A combination of fears about climate change, artificial intelligence, the erosion of democracy, nascent geopolitical threats and the potential for violent unrest around the November election is weighing heavily on the minds of American voters, regardless of their political persuasion.

It seems almost certain, barring a major unforeseen event – or the unlikely intrusion ...