Marion McKeone: PAC attack paves the way for Trump’s 2024 presidential tilt

Donald Trump’s various political action committees are proving fiendishly effective at raising hundreds of millions of dollars for his campaign to wrest back the US presidency

Donald Trump’s largest PAC, Save America, raised more than $255m for him immediately after his 2020 defeat to Joe Biden. Picture: Getty

As any non-American over the age of 45 what PAC suggests to them, and they’ll probably begin referencing their nostalgic memories of Pac-Man, the 1980s arcade game featuring the little yellow fellow who motored through a digital maze, gobbling up as many dots as possible while being chased by ghosts.

The Pac-Man of 2022 is different: a bigger and bolder creature who gobbles up hundreds of millions of dollars – around $400 million since November ...