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Marion McKeone: Midterm success may give Biden what has most eluded him – respect

Following a tumultuous two years, the veteran Democratic president has pulled off a number of legislative wins and upset all the odds with the best midterm results for a first-term Democratic president since John F Kennedy

Joe Biden: The 2022 midterms, like his presidency so far, have defied expectations and suggest that once again, he was underestimated. Picture: Getty

To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield, Joe Biden don’t get no respect.

Gaffe-prone, long-winded and unfashionably centrist, he has been the target of much eye-rolling, the object of many suppressed sighs during his half century in Washington DC.

Though humble by nature, as a Senator Biden prided himself on his senior status and his gravitas. But seniority and gravitas aren’t interchangeable, particularly in the US Senate where octogenarians are often as truculent and difficult to reason with ...