Berkshire Hathaway shareholders fret over future without Warren Buffett

Speculation is rife among shareholders that this weekend’s AGM may be the last before Warren Buffett hands control over to his successor

Swansong: Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO Warren Buffett who is 93, to hand the reins over to his chosen successor, 61-year-old Greg Abel. Picture: Getty

In 1974, a would-be investor with $40 to spare could have done a lot worse than buy a single Berkshire Hathaway Class A Share, and then ignore it for fifty years. Today a single Class A share is worth upwards of $604,000, a 15,100 per cent return on a hypothetical investment.

Berkshire Hathaway wonks, who gathered in Omaha in their tens of thousands before the Berkshire Hathaway AGM got underway this weekend, like to go ...