War in Ukraine

Jeff Farrell in Ukraine: ‘This is the bloody Russian world’

Until a few weeks ago, the village of Tetyanivka was on the front line of the Ukraine invasion. Now the few residents left are coming to terms with the trauma and trying to rebuild

Alexander stands in front of the remains of the rocket that destroyed his house: ‘Putin is the Hitler of Russia. Bombing women and children, it seems okay for him.’ Pictures: Phil Wilson

A blackened Santa Claus doll perched outside Alexander and Kristina’s land was about all that remained standing of their battered home. The plastic toy sat on the front gate of the house in the village of Tetyanivka in the eastern province of Donetsk Oblast which was, until a few weeks ago, on the front line.

Alexander had put out the Santa doll, and another in puffy green trousers and pointed shoes, last Christmas. “Just for ...