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James Ives of Xocean: ‘The ocean is an important asset to the globe; it needs to be managed’

The sailor and engineer has hit the zeitgeist by developing an unmanned surface vessel that can collect marine data for clients in the oil, gas and burgeoning renewable energy sector

James Ives, chief executive of Xocean. He founded the firm after getting frustrated with the level of ocean data that was available in the marine industry

James Ives has spent his life exploring the seas, first as a sailor and now as the head of Xocean, the data company focused on, as the name might suggest, the ocean

Ives, is a qualified engineer as well as an avid sailor, and the company he founded in 2017 allows him to combine his two vocations.

“Technology is the thing that I really, really get excited about it,” he tells me in the company’s ...