Israel-Hamas War

Israeli Arabs have their say: ‘We must stop – stop this for Israel and for Gaza’

Palestinian citizens of Israel, who account for over a fifth of the population, were among the victims of the attack by Hamas, but some are left unprotected by Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ missile defence system in the current conflict

The aftermath of bombings on Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza City. Israeli news coverage doesn’t feature any details of the human suffering inflicted by the assault on Gaza. Picture: Ali Jadallah/Getty

As the world watches the horror of the incessant Israeli bombardment of Gaza, including the images of a cratered Jabalia refugee camp last Wednesday, the premier Israeli news channel, Channel 12, led its prime 8 o’clock news that evening with the death of 12 Israeli soldiers.

Television coverage of the war in Israel last week was dominated by fate of Israeli soldiers and the fear of a wider regional war. Images of the bombing of ...