The Big Interview

‘If the government started talking to us, we could save a lot of money for the state’ – Niall Byrne, NMB Architects

The specialised firm has more than 30 years’ experience designing industrial and commercial projects for pharmaceutical, medical device and high-tech clients

Niall Byrne: ‘A contractor will only tender a price based on the information you give them.’ Picture: Maura Hickey

Niall Byrne is a man with the expertise and experience to help save the government hundreds of millions of euro every year. There’s only one small problem – the state isn’t listening to what he has to say.

A registered architect with his own firm, NMB Architects, Byrne specialises in industrial and commercial projects and has over 30 years’ experience in designing complex offices and manufacturing facilities, particularly for pharmaceutical, medical device and high-tech clients.