How the cost of fixing Celtic Tiger-era wastewater systems could hit €300m

In an echo of the mica scandal, more than 10,000 homes across the country were built by developers who did not install proper wastewater systems, and then went bust

Fianna Fáil councillor Patrick McGowan at the site of the wastewater treatment plant in the Dromore Park housing estate in Killygordon, Co Donegal. Picture: Joe Dunne

Donegal has emerged as the epicentre of another Celtic Tiger-era building controversy, which could cost hundreds of millions of euro to fix.

The county has around 200 private housing estates with faulty wastewater treatment systems. And the figure is more than double the number in the next worst affected county, which is Wexford.

There are similarities to the mica defective blocks controversy, which is going to cost the state at least €2.2 billion as thousands ...