Making it Work

Nomadic founder finds the time is right for a luxury watch for rugged use

The Belfast-based business makes affordable high-end adventure-proof timepieces inspired by the city’s shipbuilding industry

Peter McAuley, founder, Nomadic Watches, in the former drawing offices for Harland & Wolff in the Titanic hotel, Belfast. Picture: Pacemaker

Nomadic Watches is a Belfast-based business that specialises in making luxury adventure-proof watches, essentially high-end watches for everyday and rugged use.

The company was started by Peter McAuley in 2021 and has quickly developed a following among lovers of timepieces.

“I’ve always been passionate about engineering and watches. My dad had a few nice pieces but I wasn’t really that interested in them. When my uncle passed away, he left me a few nice watches and that inspired me,” McAuley told the Business Post.