Giorgia Meloni: Black and right world of the Italian PM

The far-right Italian PM is a fan of the ‘good guys and bad guys’ politics of Lord of the Rings but she’s proved to be one of the bad guys for the financial sector this week with her poorly received windfall tax move on bank’s profits

Giorgia Meloni, Italian PM: admitted to looking to JRR Tolkien’s fantasy world to inform her own politics. Illustration: Peter Hanan

The six sections of Giorgia Meloni’s autobiography, in some respects, tell you all there is to know about her;

I’m Giorgia

I’m a Woman

I’m a Mother

I’m Right Wing

I’m Catholic

I’m Italian

But really, the first female prime minister of Italy is more than that. She is also a major Lord of the Rings fan – a fact that might seem trivial, but could help to illustrate her political philosophy.

“Lord of the ...