FCA must push ahead with ‘name and shame’ plans, warns former board member

Derry-born Mick McAteer has called on the FCA to stand up to the ‘nonsense’ concerns being raised by the City of London lobbyists

Mick McAteer: ‘Different countries do things in different ways. It's always misleading when lobbyists pick and choose or cherry pick things to suit their arguments.’

Mick McAteer is not one to mince his words. As the City of London frets about plans by the financial regulator to publicly identify firms under investigations, the ex-Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) board member believes those concerns are "nonsense".

“I think the FCA should go ahead. It’s going to be a real test of their independence. If they back down on this one, it will be a worrying sign for the future,” he told the ...