The Big Interview

‘EV targets won’t be achieved without grants’ – Joe Duffy Group boss on the new reality for car sales

Gavin Hydes, chief executive of the Joe Duffy Group for the past 18 years, has built the once mid-size car dealership to a company that’s on track to exceed half a billion euro in revenues this year. His secret? Putting the customer in the driving seat

Gavin Hydes, chief executive of the Joe Duffy group: In the last 12 years, the staff has grown from 69 to 638. Picture: Bryan Meade

Gavin Hydes leans in close, eyes twinkling, and drops his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “You have to repeat people’s names a lot to remember them,” he says.

We’re halfway up the stairs on our way to the office of the man who owns a controlling stake in the Joe Duffy Group, one of the biggest car dealers in Ireland, and he’s just greeted what feels like the hundredth staff member by their first name.