Dispatch from Ukraine: ‘We must fight until we win. The war should end on our terms’

Oleksandr Proshuta, a Ukrainian sports journalist and basketball commentator, shares his account of life over the past week in Kyiv, where spring has arrived and a daytime curfew has been lifted but the explosions continue

Oleksandr Proshuta: The Mariupol tragedy left me speechless. To aim an attack on somewhere where people were hiding, mostly children – I could only shake my head.

The week started calmly, in the same way as the previous week. There were single rocket strikes, as usual, but Tuesday was a stressful night with more tension as there were increased attacks. Every night, it is difficult to sleep. There have been chaotic attacks, hitting different neighbourhoods not far from the city centre.

A building just ten metres away from my office was destroyed in one strike. It’s right beside the studio where I ...