‘Dear Stephen’: McGrath told Donnelly health overspend was ‘of great concern’

Letters from the Minister for Public Expenditure show his frustration as he sought clarity from the Minister for Health about a potential deficit of €2 billion, despite ‘the largest health budget in the history of the state’

Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Health: in a letter to Michael McGrath, Donnelly detailed unexpected Covid-19 spending pressures across PPE, testing and tracing. Picture: Getty

On July 25, two weeks into the Dáil’s summer recess, Michael McGrath wrote to Stephen Donnelly seeking information on overspending in the Department of Health.

The letter informed the health minister that the Minister for Public Expenditure had "a high level of concern" about the oversight and management of the health budget.

The letter is one of several between the two Fianna Fáil ministers sent over four months from April to July of this year ...