Cruz’s flight of shame meets a blizzard of condemnation

Using a crisis that includes an imploding power grid and a brutal snow storm as a reason to embark on a five-star holiday is not one of the optional responses outlined in any political manual, as Texas Senator Ted Cruz found out last week

A pedestrian walks by a digital billboard truck with an image of US Senator Ted Cruz in a parking lot near Senator Cruz’s home in Houston, Texas. Picture: Getty

Rule number one. When you’re in a political hole of your own making, stop digging.

Rule number two. Don’t blame your ten-year-old daughter for your catastrophic error in judgment.

Rule number three. Whatever else you do, don’t abandon your poodle in sub-zero conditions.

Rule number four. And if you do, don’t name it Snowflake.

No matter how bad a situation he finds himself in, Texas Senator Ted Cruz always finds a way to make it ...