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Coalition kaleidoscope: Sinn Féin’s route to government hinges on who will share power with it

The party is unlikely to win a majority and with attitudes hardening within Fianna Fáil to doing a deal, it may find itself turning to a multitude of potential partners

There has been constant speculation about the prospect of a Sinn Féin-Fianna Fáil government at the next election because Fianna Fáil, unlike Fine Gael, has not ruled this out

"Who would go into power with Sinn Féin?” has become one of the most important questions in Irish politics.

Mary Lou McDonald’s party has consistently been the largest in Business Post/Red C polls for the past two years, but the answer to that question is not just about the formation of the next government.

The party could win more than 60 seats if it maintains its pattern in the polls of getting over 30 per ...