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Cleese’s war on woke: the Monty Python star becomes a new voice for GB News

One of the Monty Python iconoclasts whose film the Life of Brian caused apoplexy among conservative Christians, John Cleese has become outspoken on the negative aspects of cancel culture and censorship. He now has a platform on GB News

John Cleese: the Monty Python member is to become a presenter on GB News. Illustration: Peter Hanan

In brief:

Name and role: John Cleese, one of the founders of Monty Python

Age: 82

Appearance: “Tired and old,” by his own account

Newsworthiness: after a half-century as a comedy legend, Cleese is about to become a presenter on GB News, where his fellow hosts will include Nigel Farage

In depth:

In November 1979, John Cleese and Michael Palin appeared on a television debate on the BBC to discuss their new film, The Life ...