Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

Chairs, cots and floors: little rest for weary Ukrainian refugees continuing to arrive in Ireland

As the state grapples with the challenge of trying to house more than 30,000 Ukrainian refugees, those who have fled the war find themselves being herded from one place of accommodation to another amid growing fears over what the future holds for them

Ukrainian refugees on camp beds in a conference hall at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin: ‘You’re living in a hallway with 90 other people without a proper shower’

For two days and two nights Halyna Shcherbynyna sat on a chair in a corridor in Citywest Hotel, waiting for somewhere with a bed, somewhere to live. Days earlier, under heavy Russian missile fire, she had fled her home in Odesa in Ukraine.

She had weathered the war for three months, but the situation had simply become too dangerous. The 38-year-old baker took her 14-year-old daughter and got out, leaving behind her husband and her ...