Bonkers bureaucracy

Bonkers bureaucracy: catch-22 hinders property grant applications; hiccups over Bolands Mills

The Business Post takes aim at the macro and micro inefficiencies and inconsistencies in administration that are holding Ireland back

3,000 people have applied for the vacant property refurbishment grant, and 1,000 of these applications have been approved

No Eircodes please – we’re derelict

The blight of vacant homes in the midst of a housing crisis has exercised the public for years.

Eoin Ó Broin, the Sinn Féin housing spokesman, memorably commented that “leaving properties vacant in a housing crisis is like hoarding food in a famine”.

The government is deploying a raft of sticks to eradicate the blight of derelict housing with a vacant homes tax, due in November, and a zoned ...