TV Review: The star of the Irish landscape shown in all its scientific glory

The Burren was the subject of a beautifully filmed documentary narrated by Brendan Gleeson

The Burren – Heart of Stone, a two-part series, is spectacularly filmed

The Burren – Heart of Stone (RTÉ One)

Uimhir 6 (TG4)

Home Advantage (RTÉ One)

Worricker Trilogy (Netflix)

Like all the best film stars, the Burren is highly photogenic. The camera loves it, all the more given the sweeping perspectives afforded by drones. It has become the visual star of the Irish landscape, replacing the lush beauty of Killarney, which in the mid-19th century song by Edmond Falconer was crowned “Beauty’s home” and “Heaven’s reflex”.