Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun: A Spacewoman Came Travelling

Space conductor, scientist, experience-maker and more: Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun is so compelling they’ve created both a Barbie doll and a Lego figure in her image. Leanna Byrne spoke to her ahead of her Dublin visit, where she’ll be sharing her intergalactic ideas at The Future conference. Feeling inadequate? Good. Then let’s begin

Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun

Successful people will always get asked how they got to where they are. But in Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun’s case, the question is not only about the how, but the why.

Why, in 2012, did she assemble the International Space Orchestra (ISO), the world’s first orchestra of space scientists and astronauts from Nasa?

Why did she bring together designers, thinkers and entrepreneurs to launch the University of the Underground, a free MA programme ...