Analysis: Virgin Mobile’s unlimited data offer shows appetites have changed

The mobile network’s decision to remove the fair usage policy from its all-you-can-eat plans is a sign of things to come

Paul Higgins, vice president of commercial at Virgin Media, acknowledged the impact of the pandemic on the company’s decision to lift data usage caps

Unlimited data plans are not new. But unlimited data plans without a fair usage policy are another thing altogether.

Irish telcos have, like their international counterparts, promoted unlimited data offerings for years. Inevitably, these included a fair usage policy which would understandably irk any heavy user. The policy puts a cap on the all-you-can-eat approach, but some users comfortably exceed these limits early in the month.

We live in a world where we stream movies, play games, upload images and, especially now, work from our devices, which means plenty of us hit the fair usage cap. I ask you, to quote Lionel Hutz, do these sound like the actions of someone who had all they could eat?