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Governments urged to do more to promote clean energy

Donal Murphy of DCC says Irish and UK politicians should be encouraging use of fuels such as hydrotreated vegetable oil to help meet net zero target

Donal Murphy, chief executive of DCC: ‘It’s amazing how overlooked HVO is, given it can do exactly the same job as traditional diesel across multiple sectors and delivers a huge reduction in CO2 emissions.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Donal Murphy, the head of DCC, the international sales, marketing and support services group, last week criticised the Irish and British governments, which he said should be more ambitious in championing cleaner energy.

The Dublin-headquartered group operates across three main divisions: energy, healthcare, and technology.

Governments need to be “far more ambitious” about incentivising businesses to change and in promoting cleaner fuels “if they’re serious about delivering net zero”, Murphy said.

He cited, as an ...